Nexus 7 Stands

This is our Nexus 7 Stands page. Here we round up a number of stands and take you through some of the considerations when thinking about buying a tablet stand for your device.

Tablets are the first serious personal computing devices that don’t stand on their own two feet so buying something to prop them up seems like a wise move.

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Nexus 7 Stands

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So why would you want to buy a tablet stand? Well you might find that holding on to your tablet for long periods of time can get kinda tiring after a while. Sure, it’s not a problem for short periods but try watching a 2 hour movie!

Stands can also be very useful when paired up with a keyboard, you can quickly turn your tablet into a mini ultra portable laptop!

Many of the stands also double up as cases, so you get a handy secondary benefit when you buy one!

Leather Stands

If you are looking for something with a premium look, then this selection of leather stands might offer what you are after

Snugg Nexus 7 2012 version Lea...
Amazon Price: £59.98


Snugg Nexus 7 2012 version Lea...
Amazon Price: £29.99

COD(TM) Stand Leather Case For...
Amazon Price: £10.85

Keyboard stands

Pairing up with a keyboard is a popular choice with Nexus 7 owners, these stands will allow you to do that.

MiniSuit Google Nexus 7 Blueto...
Amazon Price: £19.50

£25.85 £6.35

MiniSuit Keyboard Stand Case f...
Amazon Price: £19.50

£32.50 £13.00

Snugg Nexus 7 2 Case in Black ...
Amazon Price: £49.99


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