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The default Android keyboard is actually pretty good, and if you don’t get on to well with that, there are a number of others you can download and experiment with. Swype, for example, is getting good feedback.

However, none of these are quite the same as typing on a good old fashioned hardware keyboard, and if you plan to be writing a novel on your tablet then a small investment might save you some frustration in the long run.

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Nexus 7 Keyboard

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You really want to be looking at Bluetooth keyboards to go with your Nexus 7, it’s possible to hook up a desktop keyboard but if your looking to buy a new one then Bluetooth is the way to go, the Bluetooth keyboards are smaller and lighter, no need to plug it in and no cables to get in the way whilst you’re out and about.

Depending on your preference you might want to consider a Nexus 7 keyboard dock which will hold your tablet in place as you type, you might also fancy a keyboard case.

Bluetooth Keyboards

The best way to hook up to your tablet to a keyboard is via Bluetooth. It’s easy to register a device with Android and once set up it will connect wirelessly to your keyboard with no further effort.

IVSO® Slim Bluetooth Keyboard...
Amazon Price: £49.95


MiniSuit Google Nexus 7 Blueto...
Amazon Price: £19.50

£25.85 £6.35

Apple Keyboard

Whilst we are all about Android here, we aren’t afraid to recommend an Apple product when appropriate. Their Bluetooth keyboards are well built and light weight. Matching your Nexus with an Apple might not feel right but it is a popular choice. Unfortunately, as you might expect, it isn’t a cheap option.

Apple Wireless Keyboard
Amazon Price: £53.99

£59.00 £5.01

Anker® T320 Ultrathin (4mm) W...
Amazon Price: £69.99


Anker® Ultra Slim Mini Blueto...
Amazon Price: £39.99


Keyboard Case

If you want to recreate a laptop type experience with your Nexus 7 and keyboard then a keyboard case is the way to go. With this set up you’ll have an ultra portable touch screen laptop with the best of both worlds.

IVSO® Slim Bluetooth Keyboard...
Amazon Price: £49.95


IVSO® Google Nexus 7 FHD Blue...
Amazon Price: £49.95


MiniSuit Google Nexus 7 Blueto...
Amazon Price: £19.50

£25.85 £6.35

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