Nexus 10 Sleeves

My Nexus tablet is protected by a nice spongy sleeve when being carried around in my bag. Personally I wanted something that I could easily slip on and off so that I could hold a bare tablet in my hands.

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Nexus 10 Sleeves

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Sleeves come in a range of styles and colours, so you’ll have to chose one which is right for you.

I went for a plain neoprene cover that my tablet snugly fits into and can be slipped on and off with minimal hassle. Once zipped up I know that it will be protected against scrapes and scratches whilst floating around my bag.

A neoprene sleeve is also said to offer some water protection which is handy on a rainy day as my commuting bag isn’t exactly water tight. But don’t go dropping it in the sea!

  • This is a selection of neoprene style covers, they are reasonably priced and offer the required extra protection:
Amzer Neoprene Horizontal Slee...
Amazon Price: £9.99


TaylorHe 10" Compact Neoprene ...
Amazon Price: £9.99


Vangoddy Irista PU Leather Sle...
Amazon Price: £26.13

£39.95 £13.82

  • If you want something a little more professional and hard wearing, then leather style sleeves can be a great option
Google Nexus 10 Tablet Case - ...
Amazon Price: £34.99


Snugg Nexus 10 Leather Case - ...
Amazon Price: £69.98

£34.99 £34.99

Ionic Stand Leather Case Cover...
Amazon Price: £12.85

If you are off travelling around then these claim to offer some additional protection against the elements:

Vangoddy Irista PU Leather Sle...
Amazon Price: £26.13

£39.95 £13.82

Laptone Protective Neoprene Sl...
Amazon Price: £9.99


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*note these nexus sleeves are selected with the help of Amazon's search engine, for more personal recommendations feel free to ask in the community forums. Please check suitability with your supplier before purchase.

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