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Nexus 10 Cases

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Do you really need a case for your Nexus 10 tablet? Unfortunately a number of tablet users have reported scratched screens and even cracks, I don’t think it’s common and some basic care can go along way but for a few quid it makes sense to buy some extra protection.

My tablet has actually survived plenty of usage from a very active and not always careful toddler so I think the Nexus build quality is of a decent enough standard.

That said, if you are off round the world or even regularly chuck yours in a bag then a case sounds like a good idea!

  • Lets take a look at some cases, first up, if you want something professional looking that wouldn’t look out of place at work, how about a leather Nexus 10 case:
32nd® Design book wallet PU l...
Amazon Price: £12.99


  • Not your thing, then how about a neoprene cases?  This soft spongy material provides a decent level of protection:
WATERFLY Color Butterfly Desig...
Amazon Price: £18.99


MySleeveDesign iPad Tablet Neo...
Amazon Price: £12.99


  • It is also possible to buy cases that act as a stand, useful for propping up the larger 10″ screen for long periods:
Google Nexus 10 Tablet Case - ...
Amazon Price: £34.99


LuvTab® Google Nexus 10 (by S...
Amazon Price: £12.99

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